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About Boulder Creek Realty


Real estate is a wealth-generating mechanism for many. 

It is a highly taxed-advantaged investment:

  • leveraging initial investment
  • qualifying for low rate loans
  • providing a capital gains exemption for primary residence
  • deferring capital gains on investment exchanges

Allen Hittelman, Owner and Broker                         

Who We Are

In 2004, Boulder Creek Realty LLC opened as an independent realty, focusing on residential and investment properties in the Boulder and regional communities.

Allen Hittelman brings nearly 4 decades of experience as:

  • a real estate investor, 
  • a general manager of a real estate partnership, 
  • a manager of several limited liability companies, and
  • board member (president, vice president, treasurer) of numerous homeowner and condominium associates.

Allen Hittelman and Boulder Creek Realty are licensed by Colorado.  Allen is a realtor with membership in the National Association of Realtors and the local Boulder area realtor association (BARA).